Arlene Thornton

Arlene Thornton's career began in this business back in 1970 when she was Administrator of Radio & Television payments for AFTRA in the Washington/Baltimore Local. Seven years later, she found herself in a similar position in Los Angeles. With a broad knowledge of union contracts, and a knack for dealing with actors and advertising agencies, she branched out into the world of Talent Agent.

Dealing with the actors on the "other side of the fence" turned out to be a blast. Being creative in the recording booth was always fun and she took to it immediately. Where else can you get a job that requires you to ask a person if he can sound like a talking toilet bowl and the response is "yes" and I have 5 different takes for that?

One year led into another and finally in 1986 she started Arlene Thornton & Associates. As a result of her fondness for actors, the ambiance at her agency is one of warmth, respect and admiration for the people she represents.