Voice Over Division


    Our fearless leader!

    With 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry Arlene Thornton knows what it takes to succeed in the talent agency business. Her many accomplishments have provided her with countless solid contacts in the industry. From New York to Los Angeles, everyone is familiar with Arlene Thornton & Associates.

    Her philosphy on running the company is to be "hands on." Therefore she has a close relationship with many of her clients as well as a direct knowledge of the day-to-day operations.

    Her accessibility to clients makes her unique. Her desire to find new and talented actors and cultivate them is rare in a fast-paced business that doesn't always allow time to groom an actor. Her loyalty is uncompromising.

    Voice over Staff

    Myrna Valenzuela

    Myrna Valenzuela grew up in Los Angeles where she attended L.A.Valley College and after holding several office jobs in the San Fernando Valley, she joined Arlene Thornton and Associates, first as the receptionist and soon after as Arlene's assistant in the voice-over department.

    Myrna is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish which makes her invaluable in communicating with Hispanics in this ever expanding marketplace.

    Larry Riess

    Native to the Los Angeles area, Larry has been working in the voice over industry for 25 years. First as a recording engineer, then as a casting director, and now as an associate at Arlene Thornton & Associates. "The ways in which media is consumed are always evolving, and trends are always changing. It's up to us as an agency to be aware of shifting tides, so that we may service our clients as effectively as possible. It's a business about people. Connecting with them, understanding them, and helping them". 

    John Lohr

     As booth director, John Lohr brings over ten years of commercial voice-over experience in the Los Angeles market, and over 20 years experience as an actor to Arlene Thornton and Associates.

    Prior to coming to AT&A, John worked for one of the top voice casting companies as booth director and casting director, which gives him a keen understanding of the needs of the buyers of voices, the broadcast producers.

    As a former actor, he strives to create an atmosphere of respect and collaberation in the recording booth, so the voice actor is free to give his or her best performance. In short, no audition leaves his booth having been treated as "just another piece of copy", and no actor leaves feeling they weren't allowed to do their best work.


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